SportHypnosis Improves Performance by Solving Mental Problems

Hypnosis and Sport


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The Zone
All sports people know about and may have experienced to be in "The Zone". This is a form of hyper-concentrated self-hypnosis that is generally accepted to be in the best frame of mind to be in, in order deliver a great or even a top performance.

Sport Hypnosis has evolved and is now in use at the forefront of Sport Psychology. Those that have been subjected to sport hypnosis through the use of hypnotherapy, have managed to solve a number of problems that sports people face very day.

Examples of sport people and teams that use(d) Sport Hypnosis:

  • The Pakistan Cricket Team (used it before winning the 2009 T20World Cup)
  • Tiger Woods
  • Jack Nicklaus
  • Michael Jordan
  • Jimmy Connors
  • Every Russian and East European sports team since the 1950s (The Russian Olympic team in 1956 brought eleven hypnotherapists).

In addition, there are and have been thousands of amateur and professional athletes, swimmers, golfers, cricketers, baseball players, American football players, cyclists as well as many other sports people who employ the services of qualified sports hypnotherapists who support them in improving their performance,

What is hypnosis?
Many books have been written about the subject of hypnosis. One thing hypnosis certainly is NOT: mind control. Hypnosis and specifically Sport Hypnosis is a way to helping athletes and other sports people to focus by channelling the subconscious in getting the mind and body in the optimum state to perform at its very best.